Take a Swim With Us!

At Clearwater Swimming Pools, Inc. of Houma, LA, we feature only high-quality, name brand pools, supplies, and accessories.

Clearwater Swimming Pools is pleased to offer Cornelius and Wilbar above ground swimming pools. The Cornelius brand of swimming pool has been with the Clearwater family of products for over twenty years now and we offer several models to fill any customer need. Recently, we have added pools from Wilbar International, a U.S.A. based company that specializes in making quality pools that last. Both pool manufacturers warranty their products from corrosion and defects, and some warranties offer coverage for half-in-ground installation as well as salt water use on full resin frame pools. Our pool pricing includes a liner, installation materials, a pump and filter skid, maintenance equipment, entry system, and delivery to most localities. Call or e-mail us to get a quote on purchasing the perfect way you and your family can “Beat the Heat” of summer!


Our superior Cornelius Monterrey above ground is built to last. The Monterrey boasts a full resin frame with a 10” top ledge and 8” wide columns. With high impact resin components, there is no need to worry about metal corrosion. In addition to a resin frame, the Monterrey features a 54” heavy gauge steel wall. The layered wall is hot dipped and sealed with “Krystal Kote” technology to provide excellent weather protection.

The Monterrey is also installation friendly. Round pools use only one type of screw so there is no fumbling around for multi­sized hardware. As with all Cornelius pools, the Monterrey comes with step-by-step instructions for those who want to install on their own. The Monterrey comes in both round and NBS ovals, and both include a 30-­year pro­rated warranty. All warranty concerns can be brought straight to us without having to deal with the manufacturer directly. With so little to worry about, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your pool!

Quantum Breeze

The Wilbar Quantum Breeze presents warm colors and dynamic textures that will provide an attractive enhancement for any backyard. As a part of Wilbar’s Resin Series, the 54” Quantum Breeze boasts a 10” True-Radius top ledge and a full injection-molded resin frame. This molding is a revolutionary process that eliminates corrosion risks to the pools frame and guarantees long-term durability. The corrugated galvanized steel wall is coated with Resin Kote technology, and installation hardware is made from stainless steel. The Quantum Breeze comes with a 60 year prorated warranty, and it is available in round and limited Space Saver oval sizes. Call today to transform your backyard into an everyday vacation! 


The Dynasty is an all resin frame pool that mixes durability with affordability. Easily our best-selling pool, the Dynasty comes with an 8” high impact resin top ledge and 7” wide resin columns. The khaki-colored Dynasty easily blends into neutral tones and the 52” Venetian pattern wall adds a classical touch to your backyard. The wall is layered with hot dipped steel and coated with “Krystal Kote” to prevent weathering and corrosion. For you “do-it-yourselfers,” the Dynasty round offers a one size, self-tapping screw, and all pools come with easy to follow instructions.

The Dynasty comes in round, A-brace oval, and NBS oval sizes. The warranty coverage on the Dynasty is 30-year pro-rated and we handle all claims in-house. Join the expanding, satisfied group of Dynasty pool owners and call us today! 


The Wilbar Saratoga brings you innovative technology and incredible endurance that will win your heart as the ideal fusion of design and impeccable style. The Saratoga comes with a 7” high-impact resin top ledge and sturdy 7” embossed resin uprights for extra strength to protect against the elements. The 52” Iris wall pattern mixes nature with high-technology while the Resin Kote coating prevents weathering and corrosion. The Saratoga comes in round and limited buttress-free oval sizes. Because the Saratoga is a resin frame pool, the warranty coverage on the Saratoga has a 50-year prorated term. Now that’s a top-tier warrantied pool at a very reasonable price! Call today to transform your backyard into an everyday vacation! 

Century Quantum

If you are looking for a long-lasting resin frame pool but don’t have the budget for one, then maybe the Century Quantum is for you. The Century Quantum above ground pool is a hybrid resin pool that incorporates steel frame components with resin parts where you need them the most. The Century Quantum has a 7” resin top ledge, but more importantly, a resin bottom track. Steel tracks on pools have a tendency to show corrosion before other components due to their proximity to the earth and water build-up. No concerns with that here, though. The Quantum’s resin tracks will remain corrosion free throughout the life of the pool. Warranty coverage on the Century Quantum is pro-rated for 25 years, and all warranty claims are handled by our stores. The Century Quantum comes in round, A-brace oval, and NBS oval sizes. The 52” Coral print wall matches perfectly with the dark tones of its frame to help it stand out and become the focal point for fun in your backyard! 


Are you thinking about getting an above ground pool but don’t want the hassle of keeping up with inferior filter systems and the poor circulation of inflatable pools? The Millenium is an affordable pool that will last for years to come. The 7” steel top ledge and 6” steel column width is a traditional design that has been in the Cornelius family for decades. The 52” tall Tuscan-print wall is layered with constructed steel, hot dipped, and coated with the Cornelius patented “Krystal Kote” sealant. Available in round and A­brace oval sizes, the Millenium comes equipped with a 25­-year pro­rated warranty serviceable through our business.

Don’t want the added cost of installation? Millenium pool round sizes have a one-size-fits-all frame, screws, and step-by-step instructions. Don’t be hesitant about pool ownership! Get your feet wet with a Cornelius Millenium above ground pool.


The Echo 48” above ground pool is a very affordable option for pool shoppers looking for a shorter pool. Whether it’s needing a shallow depth for children or matching up to an existing deck, the 48” steel frame Echo fills that certain niche of pool ownership or pool replacement. The wall is the same corrugated, corrosion-resistant construction found on all Cornelius pools, and the cognac-tan frame includes a 6” top ledge with 5” wide columns. The Echo is sold with a 20-year pro-rated warranty that can be facilitated through any one of our stores. The Echo, however, is available in limited round and A-brace oval sizes so call us today to find out what size would be perfect for your vacation at home!