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Our experts at Clearwater Swimming Pools, Inc. of Houma, LA, are not only focused on keeping your pool and spa water clean. We also offer a wide variety of products and services to help keep your home’s water clean too. Water is gathered into the atmosphere from lakes and oceans and falls back to the earth as rain and snow. It is then filtered though the soil, but along the way, it picks up unwanted contaminants like calcium, iron, and even arsenic to name a few. Our products can reduce and even eliminate these unwanted particles you’re your water supply and provide your family a clean, healthy way of life.

Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

Five-Stage RO System

We offer a complete five­stage reverse osmosis system that removes the widest variety of drinking water contaminants. This product fits discretely under most sink counters to provide your family pure, filtered water for consumption and cooking.

The filtered water can also be connected to your refrigerator’s ice maker to create some of the clearest ice you have ever seen. We also offer RO models that filter the water throughout your whole house. End the hassle and expense of purchasing bottled water and install a reverse osmosis system in your home today!

Water Softeners

Water softeners can be a practical solution to many of your home's water problems. While hard water is not exactly unhealthy, it causes scale buildup that leaves your clean dishes cloudy and expensive appliances to fail.

A whole home water softener can give you brighter, softer laundry and less build-up in sinks and showers. Soft water can even improve your personal hygiene by reducing dry, itchy scalp conditions, and it can leave your hair more manageable because shampoos will work better.

Water softeners come in a variety of capacities and sizes, so call our in-house sales and repair technician for an evaluation of your home's needs.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated carbon filters are used to correct a wide array of water issues. These whole house filters remove bad tastes and foul odors you’re your tap. Carbon filters also remove sediment and chlorine that can leave your hair damaged and your skin itchy. Our technicians will show you how easy it is to operate the user-friendly equipment so you can enjoy wholehome crystal clear water immediately!

Our business understands that clean, residential water is important to all families. That includes families who may be on fixed incomes, families who are renting, and families who have moved temporarily for professional opportunities. For families like these, we offer the rental of water filtration products. Renting a water filtering system for your home includes regular maintenance and filter replacement. You also get the security of knowing that an experienced technician is there to assist you with any questions or repairs. We offer all of this for less than what you are probably already paying in plastic bottled water per month. Speaking of plastic, think of how much plastic you will be keeping out of your local landfill when you enjoy pure clean tap water with Clearwater water filtration products!

Pool Tables & Equipment

Our Connelly billiard tables come in a variety of woods, stains, and styles that range from traditional to contemporary.  Standard sizes include 7 foot and 8 foot tables, but 9 foot and snooker tables are available. Each table sold includes a Teflon stain-resistant billiard cloth, equipment and cue stick kit, and delivery.  Stock your game room with an assortment of our brand-name cue sticks and billiard inventory that is regularly updated every month.

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In addition to billiards, we offer Viper brand electronic dart boards and supplies.  Our Houma location stocks brass, nickel, and durable tungsten dart sets.  We also have replacement dart tips, an assortment of flights, and shafts in a variety of lengths and colors.

We are continually getting in new products to enhance and complete your game room entertainment. Browse through our catalog

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